Project Type:
Scope of Work:
Identity, Limited edition polo-shirt design, pin design.
Main Concept:
An event based brand for scouts (called Pathfinders) from the island of Jamaica camping in Osh Kosh, Wisconsin, USA August 12-17, 2019. This inspired by a the original Jamaican Swallowtail butterfly.
Brand Attributes:
Youthful, Fun, Unique.
Customer Persona:
Those who identify as Jamaicans at the Osh Kosh camporee.

Brand Introduction:
This International Pathfinder Camporee occurs every five years. Campers from over 100 countries across the world have their own t-shirts designs to identify themselves. Jamaica, a small island is well respected at this event. This limited edition shirt was bought even off the campers back as souvenirs. Camp includes high class pin trading. 

Artistic Direction:
Jam (Jamaica) @ Kosh (Osh Kosh) + Jamaican Swallowtail butterfly.
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